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Users roles in Legion

Legion has 3 scopes for user roles: System, Project and Task. In each of those there are privileges assigned to users.

System scope

System scope user roles

This roles are present along the whole system. This one is assigned while registering the user.

  • Admin - This user has complete control over Legion: This user can create/modify other users, create/modify projects, add credits to projects and monitor the whole system status.
  • User - This user has control only over the projects he is registered in.

From the figure above we could see that the Admin is an extension of the common user.

Project scope

Project scope user roles

This project scope belongs to the context in which users are assigned to a project. It must be said that a single user could be assigned to several projects, therefore it could have different roles across these projects.

  • Creator user - This user can create tasks, monitor, delete and retrieve their results. Can also share the tasks to other users registered in the same project (the latter leads to task scope).
  • Subscriber user - This user can only monitor and retrieve results of tasks shared with him.

Task scope

Task scope user roles

The task scope begins when a task is created.

  • Task Owner - The user who created the task is allowed to monitor the status, delete and download its results. This user can also share the tasks with any user belonging to the same project.
  • Task Subscriber - Is allowed to monitor and retrieve the result of a particular task which was shared to him. This user can't share this task to other users.
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