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Projects in Legion

The concept of a project in Legion Framework encompasses both: a group of users and the application that they run on the Grid. This application must be batch-kind and capable of performing the computation of any computing unit, so the only variation between units should consist of parameters and input files. The executable files, custom task submission form, and related configuration is to be specified at the Project creation stage and they are susceptible of further modification without any risk to broke the compatibility after tasks began to been sent.

Legion project.png
Project page in Legion

What do I require to create a project?

In order to create a project one must follow the Project Creation Wizard. Through 6 steps one would need to specify:

  • Name, description, other options.
  • Executable files for the project (to be run on the Grid).
  • Form XML-specification (either by direct input or by Client-Side Graphical Form Editor).
  • Config.xml template a task creation specification which is going to be interpreted after each task submission using form values.
  • Users in their respective roles.
  • Legion Web Services credentials (host, port, password, etc).

For more details go to Creation Wizard.

For instance: If we want to create a distributed definite integration platform we would need the following:

  • A program that is capable of computing the integral (it would need the function f(x), a lower bound, an upper bound, and maybe a precision parameter).
  • A task submission form specification asking for the above mentioned parameters (to be rendered each time tasks are to been sent).
  • A way of breaking down the tasks in “computing units” or “workunits” as are known in BOINC specified at the config.xml template. This is a very important file so here [link] are the specifications to build one.

For the detailed procedure for building this example See more.

Project-related roles

Every user of a Legion project is assigned a role which could be either creator or subscriber. This is specified at the Step 5 of Project creation/modification. For more details on user roles have a look at User roles.


Creator users will be allowed to create tasks, delete them, download their results and subscribe other users to the created tasks (on a specific project scope), while the second will just be allowed to monitor and download the results of the tasks they are subscribed to. It is worth to note that a creator-user could share their tasks to both subscriber and other creator users.

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