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Legion has two components (check the architecture) Legion Web Interface and Legion Web Services. Lets have a look at their features. To see a working example of these features have a look at this Sample Project.

Legion Web Interface (LWI)

  • Web interface generator and host for Desktop Grid projects.
  • Easy client-side (javascript) task submission form designer.
  • Optional credit economy (on a project basis).
  • Project creation/modifications do not need programming or server restart.
  • Template interpreter for task descriptor (config.xml - required by LWS) with Task submission form and Project variables replacement and evaluation of simple math expressions ( more).
  • Task sharing between project users.
  • User management.
  • Users preferences for email notifications.
  • Web interfaces for task progress monitoring, cancellation and result retrieval.

Legion Web Services for BOINC (LWSB)

  • SOAP layer for BOINC.
  • Works both under HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Task creation (see more here).
  • Task results can be concatenated and/or compressed the result files.
  • Task progress monitoring.
  • Task cancellation.
  • Task results download.
  • Many projects could use a single BOINC Server installation.


  • Centralized BOINC Server Management (have a look here).
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