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Installation requirements

Quick Install

Create user in MySQL DB (change {password} for your pass - you can also change the schema name):

  • Run in mysql Client:
 mysql> CREATE DATABASE Legion2WI;
 mysql> CREATE USER 'legion2wi'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '{password}';
 mysql> GRANT ALL ON Legion2WI.* TO 'legion2wi'@'localhost';
  • Run the installer:
 python --db_user legion2wi --db_passwd {password} --tomcat_home '{tomcat_home}'

Other installer options

Required parameters:

      %config%--db_user		user database
      --db_passwd              password database
      --tomcat_home            location of tomcat

Optional parameters:

      --database		name of the database, default: Legion2WI
      --db_host                address of the database, default: localhost
      --db_port		port of the database, default: 3306
      --webapps                location where the application is installed, default

Configuring RSyslog

  • Edit the following file /etc/rsyslog.conf and change these lines:
#Provides UDP syslog reception
$ModLoad imudp
$UDPServerRun 514
  • Redirect (Remember to create the correspondent file)
#### RULES ####
# Legion log
local4.*                                                /var/log/legion.log
  • Restart the service
service rsyslog restart
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